MC Jonny T  Tidbits: 

Pro-Wrestling Fan & Podcaster (WWE and AEW) 

Chubby Chaser for life! 

Favorite Album: A Tribe Called Quest -Low-End Theory & Midnight Marauders  (It's a toss-up) 

Influenced by: Diamond D,  Fat Joe, EPMD, Talib Kweli, Hieroglyphics,  De la Soul,  Little Brother,  Drake, Roddy Rich,  Lionel Richie (that's not a mistake, LOL) 

I'm a rare recording artist who actually likes and understands the business of music. Nerdy dude, foodie, drug-free, average guy with above average aspirations.



Twitter: @MCJonnyT
Instagram: @MCJonnyT
TikTok: @MCJonnyT

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