Jamie Lopez's new reality show Supersize Salon will debut this year on WeTV. She has been featured across major media outlets for championing a leading role with body positivity via her beauty salon that caters to women of size. The reality show will reach over 80 million households and chronicle the beauty salon, her Amazon Top 100 book, and of course her music pursuits.


Her song Diva will be used in the opening signature for each episode of the show. The show is slated for 6 seasons. This song will receive incredible exposure! We are seeking a record label partner interested in partnering with us, as we catapult her music career with her single Diva. This is a fairly unique opportunity, as new artists don't have a nationally aired reality show attached as part of a promotional and marketing plan.  We are seeking a label to co-promote and market the Diva single, with the possibility of partnering on a multi-song project.

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