Shuai Jon Nietzsche is an Ecuadorian/Mexican rapper and Latin trap singer, songwriter and record producer. Though his music, primarily rap striving to address survival and how the greatest loss in life is what dies inside while still alive. Shuai Jon wishes to continue to sing in Spanish and strive to expand the Spanish language music to a global audience. His original musical inspirations include DMX, J Balvin, XXXTentacion, 2PAC, PitBull, JCole. Shuai Jon uses his Instagram to showcase his songs and self-expression. Shuai would like more people who are inspired by his journey to follow him and know that anyone is able to overcome anything. 

In the process of becoming Shuai-Jon Nietzsche, it didn't only involve song wiring and "open mics" - there was a point in SJN's life where he had to dismantle and put himself back together. Shuai needed to re-educate himself for all the world put against him. He had to find out what was inside, knowing what hurt, to what was of great interest, to what was truly vital to becoming the best artist he could be.

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You’re not backing down, you’re not giving up. Learn to rap, dance, juggle, and paint in the rain. It’s about decisions not conditions when breaking the cycle. ”

— Shuai-Jon Nietzsche

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