Who is this epic west coast producer, song writer, emcee, singer and "King of Hooks" that is always compared to the legendary "Nate Dogg"? 

DezOatis aka K-Duv is the name and born April 21st, 1979 in Long Beach as Desmond Oatis. He started off in music playing the saxophone in grade school, all throughout high school as the lead saxophone instrumentalist. During that time he picked up producing in 1994 on the Rolland XP-80 Synthesizer, mentored and taught by his older talented female cousin Chi Austin. 

K-Duv interacted with many musicians throughout his career with artist such as, Wu-Tang Clan, The Twins (g-funk), RBX, Nate Dogg, Tray Dee & Goldie Locc of the Eastsidaz, Glasses Malone, Tyriq Da Freek, Big2DaBoy, Mc Eiht, StoneBeatz, Crooked I, The Dove Shack (g-funk), Young Dove Shack (g-funk), Kam, Jonny Tee, TMD, Kola, Noah Jones, Knoc-Turn'al, Snoop Dogg, Bad Azz, Tha Phast, Rick Rude and Dr. Dre. 

In August 2015, K-Duv dropped his 1st solo album/mixtape titled "The Nate Dogg Tribute Mixtape" which was hosted by KJLH #1 west coast female DJ Jiji Sweet. K-Duv was the 1st Hip-Hop/R&B artist to ever sing some of Nate Dogg's best songs and include in an album/mixtape. Since many fans of K-Duv stated that his style was similar to the Legendary Nate Dogg, K-Duv decided to create an album in the memory of Nate. 
You can find the new album on youtube or www.jijisweet.com. 

DezOatis aka K-Duv has recorded many hooks for multiples artists throughout his 21 years of music. Also, blessing many artist with his instrumental compositions which displayed his Long Beach sound. 

Even though many try to imitate his Long Beach sound, artist and "haters" fail to realize that "K-Duv" is a registered artist through ASCAP Publishing. So if someone ever states that they're "K-Duv," be sure to ask them who they're registered with, because there is only ONE real K-Duv.